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We're the Babysitters
Adventures in Babysitting 2016 Poster.jpg
Sabrina Carpenter & Sofia Carson
Released June 24, 2016
Genre Hip hop

"We're the Babysitters" is a song performed by Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson in the movie Adventures in Babysitting. In the film, Jenny, Lola, and the kids hide in a rap nightclub to escape criminals Tiny and Scalper. When they interrupt a performance, however, they are forced to perform a rap battle if they want to leave. Jenny and Lola then improvise a rap based on the plot events up until that point.


[Sabrina Carpenter:]
Hello, my name is Jenny Parker and these kids are my crew
We're in a lot of trouble and I'm not sure what to do
See it all started, when our phones made a switch
Lola lied to the parents, she's been a real witch
Kid snuck out, the kitchen caught fire
The car got towed, all because she's a liar

[Jet Jurgensmeyer:]
Now these bad guys are chasing us

[Mallory James:]
We almost just died

[Nikki Hahn, Sofia Carson:]
I got a tattoo
Can you that one slide

[Sabrina Carpenter:]
This girl is ruining my life, my job, my reputation
And if we ever get home, I'm gonna need a vacation
But no matter what, I won't be a quitter
Gonna care for these kids, 'cause I'm a ba-by-sitter

[Jet & Mallory:]
She ain't no quitter
She's the babysitter
She ain't no quitter
She's the babysitter
She ain't no quitter
She's the babysitter
She ain't no quitter
She's the babysitter

[Sofia Carson:]
Hold up just a minute, that's not the straight scoop
This girl's so uptight, she's all tied in a loop

[Sofia Carson (Kevin Quinn):]
Uh, let's rewind this movie an hour or two
The kid snuck out, I didn't have a clue (Yeah, that's true)
Okay I admit it, I don't follow rules
I'm not good with kids, I'm not good at school
It wasn't my plan to steal a car
Or end up in jail or take it this far
It's true, I lied, but nobody's died
And these kids are having an incredible ride

[Sabrina Carpenter:]
You think you know it all, but you don't know me
See I'm more than just, Miss Spelling Bee

[Sofia Carson:]
Wanna be a real artist take pictures get gritty
On your first night out in the big bad city
You're a cool girl Jenny, but I'm pretty cool too
In fact I'm just as great a babysitter as you, ha

[Sabrina Carpenter:]
She's right. I'm smart and I do follow rules
I work real hard, and I care about school
There's a time for fun, to let go and climb trees
But I am a real artist, everybody say "Cheese."

We ain't no quitters
We're the babysitters
We ain't no quitters
We're the babysitters
We're the babysitters