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Walk the Prank is a Disney XD live-action series. The series revolves around four kids who pull pranks on unsuspecting people, along with a sitcom side of the show which features the kids hanging out and discussing potential prank ideas.

Sabrina's role

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Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson guest-star as themselves in the episode "Adventures in Babysitting", an episode centered around pranking babysitters to promote the movie Adventures in Babysitting, which Carpenter and Carson both star in. Carpenter helped the group prank a babysitter named Eli by portraying a character named Candace, who is a noted klutz and nicknamed "Klutzy Candace". The setting is that Eli is babysitting the group, who are trying to clean up their house before a photographer arrives to do a photoshoot of the living room. While the kids try to clean up, Candace "accidentally" makes a mess - spilling water on the floor, breaking a glass table, and breaking a vase. She even persuades Eli to take the blame for breaking the vase. Afterwards, the roles are reversed and Eli begins to break things. Finally, when the photographer arrives (who is actually a stuntwoman), Candace gets angry with her for being rude and pushes her through a window.


  • Cody Veith as Chance Baldwin
  • Bryce Gheisar as Herman Baldwin
  • Brandon Severs as Dusty Williams
  • Jillian Shea Spaeder as Bailey Schuster
  • Tobie Windham as Will Williams (Uncle Will)