The Goodwin Games is an American television comedy series that aired as a midseason replacement on Fox from May 20 to July 1, 2013. It was created and written by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas (creators of How I Met Your Mother) alongside Chris Harris for Fox Television Studios.


The series revolves around a trio of estranged siblings: Henry, an overachieving surgeon with an overabundant ego; Chloe, a former child mathematical prodigy who became popular in high school and abandoned academia (and her friends) for a career as a struggling actress; and Jimmy, a career petty criminal with a string of convictions who has to sneak into his pre-teen daughter's bedroom at night to visit her. The siblings return home for their father's funeral. His attorney (one of Chloe's abandoned childhood friends) April Cho informs them that their father's will awards them $23 million, but only if they agree to compete in a series of games of their father's devising. The games are designed to force them to confront their personal failings, recall their childhoods, and bring them together as a family once again. When the siblings resist, April informs them that their father anticipated their reaction, and therefore a fourth individual will be involved in the games, a complete stranger named Elijah, who collects part of the remaining inheritance every time the siblings fail to follow their father's instructions.