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Sofia the First is an American-English-Spanish-French show that airs on Disney Junior. It first aired as a movie in 2012 and started as a show in 2013. Sabrina Carpenter portrayed Princess Vivian in 13 episodes.


A young girl named Sofia and her mother Miranda lived a peasant life in the kingdom of Enchancia. One day, Sofia's mother marries King Roland II, which leads to her becoming a princess. The series follows her adventures as she eases into her new role and tries to get along with her new family, which includes colorful characters like James, her friendly older step-brother, and Amber, her cold and spoiled older step-sister. Cedric, a royal magician, is the recurring primary antagonist who attempts regularly to steal Sofia's magical amulet. The amulet is a magical cameo machine, allowing whoever wears it to summon Disney princesses in times of need. The amulet also gives the wearer blessings for acts of kindness and curses for unkind acts. The most prominent blessing shown is Sofia's ability to speak to animals. The magician plans to use its power to usurp the current royal family.