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Maya Penelope Hart is a character that Sabrina Carpenter played in Girl Meets World.


Maya is a bit of a troublemaker, which gives her a "bad girl" image and popularity boost. She is witty and "absolutely magnetic in attracting or intimidating the people in her sphere as she cares to". However, Maya can also be vulnerable. Also, she is very loyal to Riley, as Riley is to her. Maya acts over-confident and supports Riley when she wants to be like her. Although, she said she is not always proud of who she is. However, she is also very rebellious and won't hesitate to fight for what she believes in, even getting Riley into trouble, which Riley will try to get them out of. She is the female version of Shawn.


Maya has dark blonde hair just below her shoulders. She has bright blue eyes with light colored freckles on her face. Her clothing reflects her personality. She usually wears a T-shirt with a jacket and leggings or jeans. She sometimes wears skirts and shorts on top of her leggings. She wears lots of glitter and leather.


  • Maya's surname was originally Fox.
  • She tends to have Riley carry her school things for her.
  • Maya appears to have a collection of T-shirts featuring classic rock bands.
  • She shares strong similarities with Shawn Hunter.
  • She thought she was a bad influence on Riley.
  • She is gifted in drawing, as seen in "Girl Meets Boy".
  • In "Girl Meets Sneak Attack", Maya claims to not worry about stuff that she can't control.
  • She has developed an habit of scatting when she wants to avoid listening to Riley.
  • In "Girl Meets Father", Maya claims her father started another family.
  • In "Girl Meets the Truth", Maya admits that her father never sends her anything.
  • Maya's favorite thing at the Nighthawk Diner is the Tuna Melt.
  • Maya's mom told a tale on career day just like Shawn's father Chet Hunter did.
  • It is revealed in that "Girl Meets Smackle" that Maya has blurry eyesight, so she may need glasses.
  • Maya can play guitar, as revealed in "Girl Meets 1961".
  • She looks like her great grandmother, May Clutterbucket.
  • Maya called Riley a weirdo when she saw her note in the Art Book.
  • Maya has a pet ferret named Ginger.
  • She can throw a ball the hardest in her gym class, and she has good aim.
  • Maya has a crush on Riley's uncle, Joshua Matthews.
  • Maya and Joshua have met before.
  • Her favorite TV show is 'Red Planet Diaries'
  • The events of her fourteenth birthday are depicted in "Girl Meets Master Plan".
  • She received a friendship ring from Riley, and a locket from her mother, on her fourteenth birthday.
  • She might have been held back a grade or started school late, as being 14 in the 7th grade.
  • She stills bears a scar on the back of her head from when she crashed her skateboard into a park bench during Farkle's eighth birthday party.
  • She has a crush on Lucas Friar as seen throughout Season 2
  • She held her feelings for Lucas so that Riley could 'have' him. This favor was returned by Riley and has created a love triangle between Riley, Lucas and Maya.